Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Coast - Cool Place for Good Food

I am a sucker for unlimited food for a fix cost and friends had decided to meet there...I was only tempted to meet them just for the food and the buffet (selfish me).

For the first time I went the cost of the buffet was Rs. 299 + taxes and then it increased to Rs. 499 + taxes.

The Coast true to its name is well created place which has sand from the beaches and shacks placed and an open area. So you truly feel that you are on a beach and having food..i mean good food.
Note: They have stopped the buffet service :(
So what did the buffet have, well 4 varieties of veggies and 4 varieties of non veg food in main course and 1 starter each. I had gone there twice and was not at all disappointed with the non veg section. They do stock up well and people with different taste enjoyed the food coz they had 2 chicken dish, 1 mutton dish and 1 fish dish (or at times prawns/tisrya[shell fish]) . To top it off they used to serve unlimited Beer *yes yes you read it right UNLIMITED BEER* and unlimited Hookah which really complimented the konkani styled food.

The only problem was service which at time lacked quality and forgot that we wanted something.
Now I have to try the A'la Carte in Coast.

Fifth Floor, Crystal Paradise, Off Linking Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai
Landmark: Next to Mumbai Times Cafe  
Phone: 66711586, 66711587, 9930918106

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