Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jhat-Pat Healthy Palak Chicken

Well my first recipe post written by Srushti who cooks really amazing food and can cook so many variety of dishes. She had come up with Chocolate Rum Mousse which was the best I had after having some great Promfret Fry and Prawns.

So please enjoy and note down this.....

250 gms boneless chicken
250 gms spinach with stems (Washed)
50 gms Fresh coriander
2 medium Onion (Finely Chopped)
1 Whole garlic (Finely Chopped)
Coriander powder

For Marinate:
One tablespoon Curd
Chilly Powder
Jeera powder

For the Palak base:
Boil water in a large container
Put the washed spinach in the water for 5 minutes
Make a paste of spinach and fresh coriander and keep aside.

In a pan take 1 teaspoon oil (teaspoon and not tablespoon) sprinkle some asafoetida then fry finely chopped onions. Once the onions turn brown add finely chopped garlic. Add half a teaspoon each of turmeric, chilly power, coriander powder and salt to taste. Once the masala turns a soft brown add the spinach coriander paste.

For Chicken:
Cut boneless chicken into medium pieces. Marinate chicken pieces, keep aside for 7-8 minutes. Then roast the pieces in tandoor. In case you do not have facility to roast the chicken pieces, stir fry in a pan with 1 teaspoon oil. Boneless chicken cooks very fast and you can cook it in an open pen within 4-5 minutes.

Mix the chicken pieces with the Spinach. Tah dah! your Healthy low fat Spinach Chicken is ready.

Garnish with coriander leaves or some milk cream or Chopped almonds.

Ok, for vegetarians you could replace chicken with Paneer and follow the same process. Alternatively you could boil some sweet corn kernels and add to the spinach. 

Prep time 10 minutes
Cooking time 10 minutes

Not just snacks - Chicken Palak

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