Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dominos Pizza: Domi - No for Pasta

It was a New Year and I was lazying at home just chilling out, watching random movies, reading books etc etc and clock turns 1:30 pm thats when I decide to have something different and decided on Dominos Pasta...

Note: Dominos does not deliver only Pastas you have to order to get the pasta with it

Delivery comes exactly in half an hour...and I proceed to attack the pasta...opened up the sealed box (they pack it similar to the railways pantry style). The box opens and I look at red sauce splashed over the pasta, which indicates that I have to mix them properly. There are too many veggies around and less of Pasta which was surprising and it did not fill up my stomach (glad i ordered pizza also)

So overall review: Avoid pasta coz nothing great....

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