Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pot Pourri - Does Pot a Punch

So being there 2 times before I write this one and both the times I was supremely amazed with their food. I would say this is one of the best Italian joint around in terms of cost, quantity, quality ratio.

Being there in the evening both the time where you would have to enjoy the horns from the traffic as it is located right next to the junction of Turner Road. Not a place to have a quite dinner and I mean literally coz of the traffic.

So we had Cheese Fettuccine, which was just proper and what fills my heart was it had a good quantity which one can enjoy one full plate and not be hungry for more.

The other thing we ordered was Chargrilled Olive Prawns with Herb Garlic Sauce, with Risotto with it. Risotto was pink in colour and it was tasty again enough for one person

Suggested food item to have here is chicken stroganoff which is tasty and I think the chef never goes wrong with it.

Ambiance is all cool where the waiters are not standing over your head but at times I do feel they are short staffed. 

Cost, I would say not too expensive for the quantity of the food they give you. So as said before and shall repeat again, they do maintain a good ratio between cost, quantity and quality

4, Carlton Court, Junction of Turner Road, Turner Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 
Phone: 26429193, 26406010

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