Thursday, October 22, 2009

Moti Mahal Deluxe - Nice but definately not Deluxe

My second visit to Inorbit Mall Moti Mahal after years with friends. Located at the entry of the Fame Theatre which you cannot miss it.

This place prides itself for creating the best tandoori food which is true to one sense but there is a catch which I shall tell at the end.

We seated ourselves, the place is bit cramped up as spaces near other eaters was very near (i think they could listen to all our jokes)

As all were non vegeterians we started off with Promfret Tandoor and Chicken Tandoor Platter, for such a big place we get only one piece of Fish and almost 5 pieces of chicken for 4 people. Which I think is rather less compared to paying more than 250+ for each stuff.

Then we ordered Chicken Tawa, which was soft and properly spiced and Paneer Methi Malai as the name says was sweet but not too much with Garlic Naan and Kulcha, surprising part is waiters don't serve Roti on your quarter plate you have to find what you have ordered and then eat it. They did serve the main course properly but no roti..why why why?

Now comes the main part...COST...I know the food made here is nice and all jazz but Rs. 200+ for Chicken Tawa I mean common you gotta be kidding me.

So that would be my last visit to Moti Mahal Deluxe until and unless someone gives me a party there ;)

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