Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vodka Hookah

Well guys i am not going to into all the details of Hookah and origins and other aspects of it...just wanna tell you what else you can do to make your Hookah awesome when made with friends. First to know more about Hookah do read this

Also if you want to know how it looks and work check out the image *source wikipedia ofcourse


As you can see my heading Vodka Hookah and you would go and say what the hell...was in Lonavala for my Sister's b'day party got suggested of adding Vodka to the Water Jar and we did that gleefully. The vodka does gives you enough kick to enjoy the party.

Also instead of putting Water in water jar you can just put Vodka (Hookah on the rocks) but as spirit does finish very quickly you wont get more than 5 drags for a quarter but surely gives you an awesome high....

So next time do something different

Note: Use Magic Coal if you are making your own Hookah burns very fast and stays on for one...for 8 coals you get for Rs. 80

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