Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MidNight Buffet - Parabola (Rodas ECotel Hotel)

As many would say not the best nor near the best amongst the buffet and I would seriously agree with them but this is one place where you can get food after 12 pm. So you hungry and insomniac soul who just want to sit and eat their very very late dinner in Powai so this is the place.

Cost around Rs. 350+ per person this place gives you almost everything 2 soups, 6+ starters, 6+ main course and at times an live kitchen. Service is good but not that great. Also note that they do not refill the food which is finished so make sure you do reach there by 12 or else you might miss some of the food as the place is packed (coz there is only one around)

Also check out the menu card of Parabola here

So a 2.5 star rating for Parabola

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