Monday, November 16, 2009

Brownie Cottage - Small Place Good Place

While sitting at Maroosh on Friday afternoon I was starring at M.O.D (Mad Over Donuts) in Carter Road and my sweet tooth started tingling....all set ready to enter M.O.D. which I had already being there before. I remembered a small shop like a thelewala there was Brownie Cottage and hoping it would be open and hell yeah! it was.bc
So after looking at the options which I had like Brownie with five-star bar, Brownie with Twix Bar, Brownie with Lindt Bar, Brownie with Ore and so around 6 more, I went for the Choco Chip Brownie which is called (Ultimate Gooey Brownies) with Ice Cream over it.
And the first bite was super, it did not melt in the mouth but was tasty.
So they are situated almost everywhere in Mumbai: Carter Road, Seven Bunglows, InOrbit Mall, Inox CR2, Mega Mall, PVR Juhu, RMall, PVR Mulund, Oberoi Mall.
Pune: Mariplex Mall - Kalyani Nagar
Also they have home delivery: Ph: 09820291196 all over Mumbai.
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