Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vodka Watermelon - A popular summertime Polish snack!!!

Chilled watermelon is one thing we all think of during the cruel summer. We all enjoy fresh watermelon in various forms like eating it chilled and sliced, drinking its juice, in cocktails, mocktails and smoothies, or in fruit salad with/without ice cream for dessert. Well, here is a slightly different way of relishing watermelon with Vodka!!! Yes, you read that right: watermelon with Vodka!!! An absolute treat for your taste buds!!! Perfect fruit and alcohol concoction for summertime parties!!! It’s heaven for all the vodka lovers out there and certainly an exotic experience for the rest. 

Vodka Watermelon (vodka soaked watermelon)
Ingredients: Watermelon & Vodka (Polish or Russian)
Paraphernalia: A spoon and a knife

Method (see pictures):
1. Use the cap of the Vodka bottle to trace a hole in the watermelon.
2. Cut the hole out using the knife.
3. Use a spoon to scoop out as much flesh as you can from all sides to ensure uniform vodka absorption. I love eating the scooped out flesh.

4. Keep the watermelon upside down in clean sink to drain out as much water as possible. This would give the best results and make the vodka absorption process quicker. Do it for an hour or so. But if you are terribly impatient to jam that vodka bottle straightway into the melon, skip this step. I let the watermelon test my patience once in a while!!! :)
5. Tilt the watermelon a little bit and in one go stuff the vodka bottle inside it and keep it upright. You will see some bubbles. And don’t curse yourself for wasting those few drops of vodka that you will spill!!!
6. Wait 24 hours for the vodka to be absorbed. Half a bottle of vodka will be absorbed in 24 hours which is good enough to hit your taste buds.
7. Pull the vodka bottle out of the watermelon.
8. Refrigerate the watermelon for a good six to eight hours.
9. Cut it open, slice and serve. Relish chilled Vodka Watermelon!!! Smacznego!!!

“There is something strangely exotic about an upturned bottle of vodka stuck on a big green watermelon. The very first bite of vodka watermelon can make you tipsy if the vodka is soaked well in the melon. Vodka watermelon can be a good attraction at parties. Soak, cut open, bite, drool and soar :),” says Meha Lodha, a student at the UoW.

PS: If you want to prepare vodka watermelon over night, then let the vodka be absorbed for six hours and refrigerate the melon for an hour or two and enjoy.


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