Sunday, November 8, 2009

IC615 - Food Review (Air India Breakfast)

Finally the company decided to buy tickets for the plane to Hyderabad on Saturday for Nasscom Animation and Gaming Expo. The flight was IC 615 which take off time was 6:15 (what coincidence!)

I am never a fan of airline food and was skeptical on what would I get, so the flight steward asked veg or non veg without blinking i said Non veg and a tray was passed over to me. *photo will be up soon

Things in plate were, mushroom stuffed omelette, fruit salad, bread, tea, jam, butter, salt n pepper.

I attacked the Omlette first which had a mushroom filling and was quite warm perfect to my taste and the omellete was also fluffy and tasty.

The fruit salad was nice and fresh (as said by the caterers no preservatives) apple, pumpkin, watermelon.

The bread which was shaped like a croissant was soft but dont know whether it was fresh.

Tea was the best I have tasted while flying.

Rating: 7/10
I hope Kingfisher Red also has the similar kinda food while going back to Mumbai  


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