Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tuborg Beer Crawl - For All Beer Lovers

Tho, I know it is late but if you likey some Beer go for this....
Date: Wednesday, November 18 To: Friday, November 27

As part of Celebrate Bandra, presents the Vodafone Tuborg Crawl where a group of approximately 35 people crawl from one bar to the next on a bus where they are made a part of the Tuborg experience.

The Tuborg Experience includes pints of Tuborg amidst wild and whacky beer games. Participants will take home funky Tuborg merchandise and goodies such as MP3 Players, Speakers, Pen Drives etc. While on the bus, crawling from one bar to the next, interactive games and contests are carried out and participants stand the chance to win Tuborg merchandise.

So if you’re Open for Fun, call 9619207356 or email on and register for the crawl.

Dates: November 18th, 19th, 25th and 27th

Time: 8:30 PM onwards

Venues: Bonobo, Soul Fry, Mocha Mojo, Café Goa, Banana Bar etc

Cost: Rs 300 per person

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