Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doolally Premium Micro Brew - For the love of Beer!!

This is the first time I did something different just for alcohol, which was go out to Pune from Mumbai for a night of drinking (though meeting people was also involved) and it was at "The Corinthians" for some Premium Beer by company called Doolally.

Reached Pune by 8:30 pm and headed to NIBM Annexe where the brewery is located. So after meeting friends and new people headed inside the "Pune's 1st Microbrewery!".

The place is new and looks awesome with description of beer and other things on the wall. And music reminded me of Hawaiin Shack in Mumbai (Retro Rock and Classics).

So there 4 types of Beers when we went there
- Premium Lager (my fav)
- Apple Cider
- Dunkel (Black Beer)
-Wheat Beer

The cost of Pint (which is actually a Glass) is Rs. 140 cost less than international beers in pint and Pitcher was Rs. 400 - Rs. 450 holds 4 glasses.

I am posting something directly from the website as it is true..
Handcrafted in small batches the traditional way, our beers are made from the best stuff selected from around the world… Beers that actually have taste, aroma, body etc.!

So you will ask where can you get this thing:
Pune’s 1st Microbrewery!
@ The Corinthians Boutique Hotel,
Nyati County, NIBM Annexe,
South Pune, Pune 411060
For reservations call
020 26952226

Also there is Sunday Brunch which cost Rs. 650 including unlimited food and some awesome beer.

My Prediction:
Other Indian made beer are piss in front of this new born awesome beer.

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