Monday, November 30, 2009

Britannia and Company Restaurant - Ol' School Restaurant

One of the few Iranians/Parsi restaurants in Mumbai and Cafe Britannia is amongst the top. Opened since 1923 this place was as expensive than as it is today. Reason, well the place it was open was an eminent business road where the CEO's of big shipping company used to come and eat and why would rich people eat in a restaurant which cost less.

The place is famous for its Berry Pulao [Berry is an Iranian fruit which is served is used for garnishing the pulao]. So a friend decided to meet up and what better place to meet than Cafe Britannia on a lazy saturday afternoon. So we reached at 2 pm and to our surprise there was a waiting of 45 mins which included some foreigners and Indians also.

We first order the all famous Rosy Rasberry Soda but the owner wanted us to taste the lemon soda *with the swing of the arm* "to beat the Mumbai heat".

Then a group of 7 ordered 3 patra nu machi and berry pulao with Kheema, chicken and mutton. Patra Nu Machi has a huge portion which should be considering it cost Rs. 350 with awesome green chutney on top of it. The pulao never disappoints me and they were good though a bit steep cost wise a different taste altogether.Finally we topped it off with caramel custard and misti dohi.

Total cost around Rs. 2800 for 7 people and again satisfied as for few it was the first visit.

Wakefield House,
11 Sprott Road,
16 Ballard Estate,
Colaba, Mumbai
Phone: 22615264
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