Friday, November 27, 2009

Oven Fresh - From Breads to Cakes to Cookies

Well, mom and dad out of town for 2 days and it was dinner time so I knew there will be nothing at home. Called up Soumya and Nanda also joined in meeting me at King Circle. Driving past the Mumbai evening traffic we decided to go to Oven Fresh instead of the planned place (which I have yet to recall the name).

Situated in small lane called Ranade Marg (hard place to find a parking kinda road) near Shivaji Park. Weekday, and we had to wait, yes yes the place is not that big but on a weekday waiting for 15 mins does speaks high laurels of the place.

As soon as you enter you see breads and donuts and muffins on your right and next to the couch counter you will see pastries there waiting for you to eat and not the regular ones though...something interesting like Premium Black Forest, Orange Hazelnut, Banana Cream Pastry. Only one Banana Cream Pastry was left, both me and Soumya fell in love with it. Purchased it before anyone could get their hands on it (and we are glad we did).

I am not going to talk about the place and ambience of the restaurant who gets a waiting on weekdays..lemme talk about the important stuff.....FOOOOOD!!

I will go by the chronological order of what all we got...

1. Cheese Garlic Bread, half plate which gives you 4 small decent size breads.

2. Veg Steak in Barbeque Sauce: Herb flavored rice with aloo cutlet (a big one) and red spicy sauce. Bit cold but we did not complain coz it was tasty

3. Pasta Ravioli in Mushroom Sauce: Ravioli, with a totally different kind of sauce, creamy orange colour one.

4. Chimichangas: Red beans in a big fried kind of bread with yogurt and salsa

5. Veg in crepes in Smoked herb: Brocolli in steamed nachos..nothing worth writing about also can be avoided

6. Spicy Tropical Diaquri: Gauva, pineapple smoothie with a hint of tobassco

7. Green Apple Fizz: A refreshing fizzy apple drink

8. Hazelnut chocolate smoothie: Super thick chocolate smoothie with hazelnut cream

9. Hazelnut Orange Cake: Not a cake cake style but something different...a must have

Total cost: Rs. 980

Satisfaction: Priceless
Oven Fresh
J Ranade Marg, Dadar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra
022 32492666

*so for all pure veggies this is a place to go and have some super dooper awesome food*
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