Thursday, November 5, 2009

KongPoush - Food on a Shikara

The only place in proper Mumbai to serve authentic Kashmiri food with Shikaras (real wooden boats in which you sit and dine) as the USP with the well known Kashmiri hospitality to match.

This is what they claim and it is true to a point, finally after deciding so many times me and my sister ended up going to KongPoush as no one was home to serve us food as we enter. I used to pass this place often but in the morning so always used to miss it and in the evening you can never miss this place all tress nearby are lighted and so is the entry.

The restaurant is on the first floor and the place was super well done. They have created Shikara (a Kashmiri boat ) and big photos everywhere displaying Kashmiri Beauty.

Time for food now, we were thinking of going for a'la Carte but the steward suggested to go for Kokur Thaal and Gaad Batta which we did and we were surprised.

Kokur Thaal, this dish started with Chicken Tikka with a different flavor and 3 different chicken curries and 1 veg curry (Lotus Stem with Spinach). The food was delicious and tasted totally different from the actual fares what you get in other hotel.

Same thing with Gaad Batta, which was a fish plate again Lotus Stem and 3 fish curries.

The good part is unlimited roti and unlimited rice with the plate and firni to top it off.

Kokur Thaal: Rs. 349.00
Gaad Batta: Rs. 379.00

A bit steep but good for having once in a while.

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